Mouthing Off


No longer happy to keep my thoughts to 140 characters and sick of being kicked along on Facebook’s newsfeed, seems like the time is right to start blogging, really, officially… but only when I’ve got something important to say! How many more blogs, sites, profiles do I need? Just this one more… and then I’ll stop. I swear. Truth is, they all have their own uses. The worldfullofnothing blog is for everything related to the movie as we get it out to festivals and DVD, to let you know the whereabouts and doings of the cast and other folks involved and anything relevant to the picture. Mission Post has a site for updates and such relating to our work in the post-production biz. Now, this genrepix blog is going to be for me, for fun… I’ll rant if I want to. I’ll post pictures. I’ll tell stories. I’ll review movies and concerts I’m going to. I’ll tell you travel stories. So, I hope you’ll visit, bookmark this blog and come back often. You never know, something important might happen!


2 Responses to “Mouthing Off”

  1. Nice blog Jesse! I’ll check in often. Doesn’t Kenya have a similar bobblehead of Obama? Where ever he was born, we’re stuck with him…isn’t it interesting how the party (Dem or Rep) in power tries to destroy itself? Go figure…

  2. Yo Jess, this a great new blog site. I will figure out how to notify all of the people on my address book so they can check it out. Then I will ask them to send your blog address to anyone they think might be interested in films, music, etc. I expect numerous demands on how to get an Obama bobblehead. As far as Bro. jerry’s reply is concerned, it is more interesting how the party out of power works to destroy the party in power. And so it goes as Kurt Vonnegut used to say!
    Love ya, pops

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