in the news August 17, 2009

Ten years ago, when Paul and I were working at Digital Soundworks, we got to know producer Patricia Green quite well. She and her husband Gerald produced the Kirk Douglas comeback-from-paralyzing-stroke picture “Diamonds” and a year or so later, they exec produced Christine Lahti’s feature directorial debut “My First Mister” with James Brooks and LeeLee Sobieski. I spent a fair amount of time on the mix stage with Patricia. DSW was located in a building at the corner of Victory and Burbank, right next door to the MacDonalds and on more than one occasion, when the mix was going late into the night, Patricia would walk up to the drive-through window and get service. No car necessary.

Then, about two years ago, they appeared in an article in the Times having been investigated by the government in an alleged bribery and corruption case involving a film festival in Thailand and some other business dealings over there. Today, more of the story has appeared with Gerald Green being charged with 20 counts and Patricia with 21, including tax evasion, manipulation of business documents, bribery of foreign officials, etc. They are pleading not guilty and Patricia’s lawyer says there is no evidence against her client.

I never met Gerald Green, but I always liked Patricia. I just wonder, considering how much business in this country is conducted on the dark side of legal, what these people in particular did to get in such hot water. The case highlights the fact that the SEC is going after US citizens involved with foreign business deals, drawing a very fine line between what’s acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to doing business with foreign governments. Seems a little odd, since the US itself is in debt up to Lady Liberty’s eyeballs in foreign business affairs. Since all business these days is pretty much a global concern, working to undermine individuals trying to find opportunities in the same manner that enormous corporations have for so long, feels like someone, somewhere doesn’t want to share the sandbox. On the other hand, maybe Gerald and Patricia Green are guilty and were just not clever enough to avoid getting caught.

You can read it all here:

LA Times Article


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