and today’s Last Word goes to…

A concerned reader/commenter from the High Desert is the winner of today’s Last Word. What this means is, while I’m open to further discussion on all matters, these Last Words sum up all I have to say on a certain subject. I will re-post a portion of this reader’s comment herein:

“What we are seeing now in this health care debate is not a debate on the issues, but rather, ignorant, toothless, obese Americans with too many kids, no job, no house and no future. They shit in their own beds and blame it on liberals. America has become a third world country because of such people. But keep waving the flag and singing “God Bless America”, because God is with us (‘Gott mit uns’ as the German soldiers said during both world wars) and eventually our troubles will be solved by the next conservative huckster that comes down the pike.
God help us!!” (note: the complete comment can be found below in the post “how can you stand next to the truth and not see it”)

Yes, I think that sums it up. Someone also mentioned to me that as regards President Obama, “we’re stuck with him.” Stuck? Sorry, my friend, I asked for Barack Obama on my birthday last year and got him. That’s one of the best birthday presents I’ve gotten in 38 years. Barack Obama and that long night with Shannon Elizabeth back in… Nevermind. The definition of ‘stuck’ would have been four years of McCain after the most disastrous eight years in American politics and social well-being since the Civil War. The only sad thing here is that a moment is available to America and Americans to re-take this country’s beloved position as the Greatest Nation in the World… and it’s being pissed on by a bunch of obstructionists who are happy to call themselves patriots when it comes to blowing up innocent civilians half-way around the world but act like a group of hypocritical heathens when asked to actually do something for their country. Ask not, indeed!


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