New Music Tuesday!


Kitty (far right), Daisy and Lewis

Just read about this new group from England called Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. They were featured in an LA Times article this morning having recently played the LA area when they opened for Coldplay at the Home Depot Center last month (to which I asked, “Coldplay was here?”… no reviews, no press… hmmm). Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are siblings with a taste for an older style of music, somewhere in the roadhouse blues/rock-a-billy milieu. After reading about them this morning, I ventured over to YouTube to check it out:

The three of them range in age from 16-21, I’m assuming Kitty is the youngest with Lewis the oldest. They recorded the album at home on all vintage gear that they pieced together from a collector in Long Island. Today marks the official release of their debut CD although it’s been available for sometime as a digital download. I’m going to make a point of picking this up. I’m sure the desire to embrace this sound comes from having parents who are musicians and played a lot of this sort of thing around the house, but also no doubt they were influenced by the Mark Ronson-Amy Winehouse/Lily Allen sound that is still making waves in the UK. There’s certainly a kitschy element to this whole thing, sort of reminds me of the “re-re-birth of swing” in the mid-late 90’s (remember the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and Squirrel Nut Zippers anyone?). Actually I’ll remove the Squirrel Nut Zippers from the ‘lesser-than’ list because they were a bunch of music students who had focused on the revival of an old sound… but a lot of those 90’s swingers were formerly rock bands, grunge bands, metal bands that jumped on a bandwagon and quickly took the integrity right out of it. Now as far as Kitty, Daisy and Lewis go, it seems as if they’re truly inspired by and driven to make this kind of music, so let’s have at it.

UPDATE TO POST: After searching my local Best Buy (which had the CD in their catalog but at no local LA area stores) and CD Trader over in Tarzana (also in their computer but not on their buy list), I retreated to the virtual record store at I-Tunes and am now listening with great delight to the music. So… Brick and Mortar? Fail! Sign of the times.

read the LA TIMES article here

Keep your ears open, my friends!


One Response to “New Music Tuesday!”

  1. Paul Stanley Says:

    I believe Country Joe & The Fish covered this at Woodstock. Maybe, they even wrote it.

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