Thank you, GOP!


While listening to some Bob Marley this morning, I was struck by a lyric: “Only the fittest of the fittest will survive.” Now, unless I’m totally out of my mind that sounds a lot like Darwinism, the notion that over time (i.e. evolution) species adapt and change in order to further survive and multiply. Without too much of a reach, it seemed possible to apply this language to the current left/right battle over health care and all things concerning America’s further growth and maturation into a great nation that will continue to survive rather than one that, by way of its own inability to look beyond ideologies, is precariously close to extinction. I may be overstating but…

Propaganda is best used when the recipient of such an attack finds themselves being beaten by their own rhetoric. This is not the case at the moment. Shouting down an elected official with bleats of “Liar! Liar! You’re a LIIIIAAAARRRR!” sounds a lot like grade school bullshit. When the “leaders” of your movement are people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Glen Beck you have a case of the Wizard of Oz: little, tiny men with loudspeakers, hiding behind a curtain and pushing levers. Conservatives must fall to their knees each night praying for the return of Karl Rove who, devilish as he was, was a master of the game. The current crop are a bunch of bully pulpit blowhards playing to the simplest, inarticulate fears of their base: whites as a minority, Socialism, “I want my country back!”. Please.

However, an amazing opportunity is upon those of us who think progressively and aren’t afraid of our shadows or people who resemble them (… think about it…). By fighting universal health care and going to bat for corporate insurance interests, for-profit healthcare and the continued chipping away at America’s Constitutional standards, Republicans, Libertarians and their ilk are making a case for Darwinism which flies right in the face of their Evangelical, “the world is only 6000 years old” hogwash. See, if they get their way, the insurance companies will continue to withhold care for pre-existing conditions, continue to decide if a patient should have a life-saving procedure and continue to void policies for people who get sick and will need further care in the future. Thus only the “fittest of the fittest” will survive: those who manage to avoid getting sick, who have healthy diets and don’t live under great stress… in other words, Europeans! I know a few conservatives: McDonald’s is on speed dial in their homes; they’re in debt up to their eyeballs and growing unnaturally old in the process; they’re angry at their own, self-imposed, imprisonment in a Void of Ideas. Unfortunately, if they continue to live and believe as they do, they won’t survive and they will have gone a long way to proving the Theory of Evolution. So, thanks for that, but we will miss you… well, some of you.


6 Responses to “Thank you, GOP!”

  1. If this is a duplicate message just delete one. Too little time to address your entire post, so just this for now. Insurance companies cannot “decide whether a patient will have a life-saving procedure.” They may withhold payment, but the patient is free to pay for his/her own care. This will not be the case with government insurance. Like Hillarycare, Obamacare will prevent patients from paying for their own care. The government will have the ability to deny care. This goes to the heart of the conservative argument: people should retain their right to determine their level of care.

    We can and should fix the problems of pre-existing conditions and the rising cost of healthcare, without ceding life and death power to the federal government. Tort reform would be a good place to start.

    Finally (for now), the profit motive and competition are fundamental to quality products and services at affordable prices. Government regulations prevent competition in the healthcare arena. For instance, insurance companies cannot sell across state lines. Promoting the ultimate regulation — goverment controlled healthcare — will destroy cost controls and quality of care. A truly free market will restore both.

  2. OH FOR HEAVENS SAKE. I thought he was at lake powell. The real reason the current health care companies don’t want govt. competition is because they know they cannot compete with it. The companies like Blue Cross take bllions of the members’ payments and pay offtheir investors, CEOs, etc. Govt. run plans like Medicare don’t have to worry about the losses of investors, hence run a much more efficient program.
    And that business above about letting the patiebts pay their own medical expenses makes me choke. Please!!! The very reason so many Americans are ruined for life and bankrupt is because they CANNOT pay those bills. I am all for free enterprise, but in some areas the govt. programs simply work better.
    And so it goes.

  3. When someone I used to know was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was fortunate to have been buying her own insurance: Blue Shield. At first, she followed the guidelines of her policy and went to UCLA, where her coverage would have been complete, including any surgery, chemo and/or radiation. She was treated by that hospital (as she later told me) like cattle, poked and prodded, pushed through on an assembly line and offered a course of treatment, which was a radical mastectomy, chemo and radiation. For what was at first a lump and then, after a biopsy, a dangerous lump. At this point, she turned to friend’s mother, who had undergone treatment for breast cancer at St. John’s in Santa Monica (John Wayne Cancer Institute), and was seen by one of the best surgeons for this procedure in the world. Blue Shield would only cover partials at this hospital; chemo and off-site radiation. No radical mastectomy was planned as the doctor at St. John’s believed in less-invasive surgery. Blue Shield would not cover this doctor or the lumpectomy and the second lumpectomy after the cancer was found the have spread. Her only course of action was to pay cash money, which her family dug deeply for. When the bill totalled close to $100,000 before chemo and radiation, they applied for ‘catastrophic financial support’ (or something like that) and shaved $50,000 off the bill. The doctor, however, was still paid in cash, in installments, like buying a car. Last I heard, my former friend was in debt to the tune of $46,000, unable to work for six months while undergoing treatment and with a decreaed life expectancy due to a hereditary condition that was most likely going to bring the cancer back in 10-20 years… that was when Blue Shield raised her rates. NO OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY WOULD EVEN LOOK AT HER!!!! Her brother started a help-fund on the internet for her and two other family members stricken by the same disease. If this all makes sense in America to someone… enjoy the decline.

  4. Ah…the “free” market. Bank of America? Merrill Lynch? Citibank? To name the 3 worst. Let me see…and who’s money just saved them? Um…ah…Oh yeah. Mine! Via the GOVERNMENT! So, socialism for corporations good. Socialism for people bad?

    Let me stand on my head so this all makes sense.

  5. OOPS! For the free marketers…a book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay

  6. All the bailouts are violations of the free market. America would be much better off to have let the failing companies fail. Same for those who couldn’t pay their mortgages. Such a “hands off” approach would have produced a steep recession, but would also have led to a rapid recovery. With the deadwood gone, healthy companies and individuals would have stepped in to fill the voids in the economy leading to a genuine recovery. By allowing ailing companies and bankrupt individuals to “stay in the game” the bailouts have prolonged the recession. It’s a repeat of the 1930s.

    Free markets never would have produced “liar loans,” inflated housing prices, or the resulting crash. A little reading about the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act will shed some light on this for you.

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