Happy Birthday to Shannon Elizabeth


Way back in 1996 I was working on a film called “Jack Frost” (not to be confused with the Michael Keaton film of the same name released a few years later). In one particular scene a very fetching young woman is smothered to death in a bath tub by a huge, obviously styrofoam snowman. That poor lass, credited then by her full name Shannon Fadal, became a mega star two years later as Shannon Elizabeth in “American Pie” where she played the Czech exchange student, Nadia. Since then, Shannon has continued to act (I worked on “Tomcats” a few years later), model and eventually became a professional poker player. She turned thirty-six yesterday (Sept. 7) and I applaud her for her continued artistry, her work with abandoned animals, her innate hotness (nod, wink) and her defiance of the normal Hollywood vibe that suggests there’s no room in the business for women over 22. There is when you’ve got plenty to back it up with and, frankly, time isn’t fading this flower one bit. Happy Birthday, Shannon, I have a script for you! Call me.

Here’s your good laugh, moment of Zen for the day:

This one’s a little better:


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