Proof of Concept

I could blog about this useless turd today… or this one:


Both are this week’s current GOP Allstars! Yay, team! The fellow on top is Congressman Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina) who shouted “You lie” at president Obama in front of Congress during last night’s speech on healthcare. I’m sure a few knuckledraggers on the right applaud this brave man. The next gentleman on the list is Mike Duvall (R-Yorba Linda) who until yesterday was a California State Representative from Orange County. That is until he slipped up and told a colleague about his sexual exploits with a lobbyist all while his microphone was live in the state Assembly room.

The thing about these two losers is that they represent the enormous rift that has occured in the Republican Party, the rift that has reduced them to a bunch of grade school mudslingers and name callers without a single idea for their country except to, apparently, close their eyes and wish it would all just go away: immigration, black folk, poor people, economic woes, etc. And in doing so, they’re giving proof to my overall concept.

I don’t doubt that once upon a time the GOP stood for conservative values, including lower taxes, free markets and good old American ingenuity but ever since the party was hijacked by the Moral Majority and an extremist religious ideology (see also Christless Christianity), those values were pushed aside for more lightning-rod issues (in particular: intolerance, racial prejudice, corporate intercourse and deification of the Almighty Dollar) as part of a play to keep White Power, God-Fearing men in power forever. Over time, those who still hold fast to their conservative principals have been marginalized, forced out of the two party political system and been put in the unfortunate position of having to cozy up to the lunatic fringe. That’s right, folks, they’re Libertarians. Or even worse, they’ve had to play both sides of the line, going along with the dissolution of the GOP simply because they can’t go all-in with the Libertarians and lose their own chance to participate in the process.

Libertarians are a many splintered group themselves, they have a far left faction, a far right faction, a Ruby Ridge-type faction… but at their core they share these beliefs: limited government, low to no taxation, strong national defense and the end of the welfare state (as they see it). These are conservative beliefs. They are not held by the GOP at this point in time. The GOP is just as guilty of government largesse and sucking up to special interests as anyone on the Democratic side of the aisle… Folks, the GOP pushed TARP through, not Obama. He inherited it.

So I’m not surprised that conservatives are pissed off, but they really need to get their own house in order before trying to burn down the white one the black man and his family currently live in. They can do this with three easy steps: turn away from the Evangelical Christian right, quit voting for Republicans just because they don’t have a choice and put their money where their own mouths are. Quit crying “Liar!” and obstructing the work the man who has been elected by the people of the United States is trying to do. If you oppose his ideas, get a platform of your own and make your points. In other word, grow the fuck up. Put all your chips on the Libertarian table, forge a new, third party. It’s going to take generations but remember you are Constitutionalists. You know the GOP, for eight years of Bush, chipped away at your rights in the first ten amendments (the only one untouched by the Patriot Act was the one that said you would have to provide quarter to a British soldier – you still don’t have to do that!) Your own party infringed on your rights. It’s not your party anymore. America is a country where the government is of the people, by the people, for the people. You guys are going to these town halls, and having your little protest rallies and tea parties as if you’ve forgotten something, this is your country. No one took anything away from you. You have sat too long on the sidelines and watched your American dream get corrupted by opportunists from all sides, but especially within the party you are so afraid of standing up to. Get on with it, people… quit sulking, Monday Morning Quarterback-style, and and be the change you want to see. It’s your only choice or you will continue your self-imposed exile in that political wilderness, right alongside Sarah Palin.

My concept is proven in the form of Joe Wilson and Mike Duvall. Wilson is a Libertarian: four sons in the military, he believes in strong national defense, lowering taxes, ending welfare and limited government. But he’s also a man who was booed by other members of his own party, along with Democrats, for his childish outburst and why? Because, on Capitol Hill, Joe Wilson is a fringe Republican. Perhaps he stands for something but he isn’t playing well with the other kids. Now, on the other side of the country, we have Mike Duvall, a Family Values, gay-hating, liberal-baiting, adulterer who runs an insurance company and likes to spank lobbyists. Well, here again, he was not supported by the people who should have rallied around him, his Republican constituents and why? Because he’s not a conservative… he’s drunk on power and doesn’t represent anything but his own political interests. One of these guys is on your side but finds himself at odds with the GOP, the other is a shining example of 21st Century Republicanism and you don’t like him. It’s time for change you can believe in. Start a third party. We’ll see you back here in about sixty years.


2 Responses to “Proof of Concept”

  1. President Obama’s speech to the combined Houses of Congress was one of the best summations of the liberal or Democratic Party’s point of view I have ever heard. Of course, the assembled Republicans didn’t like it because they have different views. Their behavior , however, was a clear indication of the decline we are currently seeing in the over all civility of Americans toward one another. Sadly for all of us, the election of Barach Obama blew aside the flimsy veil which poorly covered up the incipient racism which has been a fact in this country for several centuries. The Republicans’ behavior during the speech far surpassed the usual “remaining seated” custom of the minority party for years previous to now.
    I am glad that a young person sees what has happened here. For many Southerners the Civil War continues!

  2. Hey Jesse, you certainly wrote a blood-pumper for sure. So, here goes:

    The blogsphere is full of left-leaning authors who regularly cast unsubstantiated charges at conservatives. Certainly the Republican Party is worthy of criticism, but outrageous accusations without supporting evidence is just childish. For instance, you wrote that nowadays the GOP stands for “intolerance, racial prejudice, corporate intercourse and deification of the Almighty Dollar) as part of a play to keep White Power, God-Fearing men in power forever.” You really need to back that up with quotes from Republican leaders or statements of prejudice in the Republican Party platform. It’s a silly partisan charge that diminishes your blog. I know you can do better. (And the use of the “f” word is offensive, unnecessary and bad-mannered.)

    Regarding Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s speech, I agree it was boorish and out of place. However, Obama’s statement that illegal aliens wouldn’t be covered by his healthcare bill is a lie. Here’s why (what follows is an argument, not to be confused with a partisan harangue.) First, illegal aliens receive free medical care now. They are able to secure free healthcare services because there is no law demanding that healthcare providers verify the legal residency status of their patients. The same is true in all of the bills currently cooking in the House and Senate. There may not be specific language in the bills forbidding the treatment of illegal aliens, but there also is no enforcement mechanism in place requiring proof of legal status. Just as illegals currently obtain drivers licenses, social security cards, visas, and work permits, they will be able to secure whatever documentation is necessary to receive taxpayer purchased healthcare.

    Second, there are currently about 6 million legal immigrants in the United States unable to receive any government-paid services. That’s because we have a law that says that legal immigrants cannot obtain government assistance for the first five years of residence in America. This law was put in place to prevent immigrants from coming to America and immediately going on the dole. Under Obamacare, these 6 million, even the ones who “signed up” yesterday, would instantly become eligible for taxpayer funded medical care.

    Third, one of Obama’s goals is the legalization of all illegal aliens currently in this country. When/if that happens, the new citizens, some 12 to 20 million strong, would all be covered under Obamacare. Worse, each new citizen would be able to bring other family members into America. Think of it Jesse, 50 to 80 million new residents, all clamoring for “free” healthcare. And all this, we’re told, will not increase the deficit. Yes, the President was lying.

    Regarding the need to reform the Republican Party, I agree. However, the creation of a new “third” party will only dilute the strength of those in opposition of Obama’s agenda. Third parties in America have never been successful for that exact reason. So, conservatives, libertarians, and independents (if they want to stem the rush toward collectivism and statism) should unite with the Republican Party, reform it, and offer the electorate true conservative candidates and policies, something the Republican Party has failed to do since 1980.

    Just this week the Obama administration asked Congress to raise the national debt ceiling to $13,000,000,000,000. Moreover, Obama has projected $9 trillion more in additional red ink over the next ten years. Thank God more and more Americans are saying, “No, you can’t!” The spending and programs Obama is propossing will lead America into crisis. It may be Obama’s goal to create a calamity big enough to justify a complete government takeover. Regardless of Obama’s intentions, we must return the federal government to its Constitutional confines, or kiss individual liberty goodbye. It’s time to choose sides and I’m on the side of constitutional government.

    For the record, I don’t oppose his policies because he’s black. I would be against cap and trade, bank and auto company bailouts, pork-laden and ill-named stimulus legislation, and government-run healthcare regardless of the president’s skin color. Bad policy should be rejected no matter who is pushing it.

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