“Just a good ol’ boy…”


“I done made up this sine to pertest the Osama ‘ministratin’ lieing ’bout helth care, illegal aliens (like them ones in that movie ’bout the big shrimp) and there commie, faschist, soshulism degenda!”

Had to borrow this picture from Getty Images but it ran in the LA Times this morning. Folks, if you’re gonna make a sign and get your picture taken and you want to be taken seriously for your opinion, please use spell check! As we’ve all heard, a picture speaks a thousand words and this picture tells me that if you’re on the side of the ‘tea partiers,’ all ‘tens of thousand’ of them, then you ‘beleive/support’ Joe Wilson. Speaking of Joe Wilson, did you know he’s a big time Confederate? According to Tim Rutten’s column this morning (I know, I know, major Lefty) Joe Wilson, as a South Carolina state legislator was one of the ‘die-hards who opposed removing the Confederate battle flag from atop the South Carolina state house.’ I’ve also heard unsubstantiated rumors (that means unproven to you on the Right) that Wilson has an orange ’69 Dodge Charger with the Confederate flag on the roof and a big ol’ 01 on the door.

For me, I’ll stay over here with the Advanced Placement kids.


Joe Wilson's ride


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