Sound advice…

mixed vegetables

Coming from me, I bet you think a blog entry titled “Sound advice…” would have something to do with audio or post-production. Alas, today, no! Today, I’m going to draw your attention to an interview dear friend and current collaborator Julieanna Hever gave to Meatless Monday about teaching children good eating habits and other important nutritional information. Julieanna, through her company To Your Health Fitness, has worked as a clinical dietitian, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, lifestyle coach, nutrition consultant, and fitness consultant. (She can also juggle flaming bowling pins while riding a unicycle – no, I just made that part up… or did I?) We’ve known each other since 1992 when I cast Julieanna in my (more-or-less) thesis film at the Art Center College of Design and are currently working on a concept to combine our talents (film production along with nutrional expertise) with the goal of bringing the Plant-Based-Dietitian to a theater, classroom or DVD player near you. So, I want to introduce you (in some cases re-introduce you) to Julieanna and give you a taste (no pun here!) of her work. Hopefully we’ll have plenty to talk about and show you in the coming in months. In the meantime, check out Julie’s interview with Meatless Monday here: READ ME and her website HERE and blog HERE. You can also follow her on Twitter HERE.


2 Responses to “Sound advice…”

  1. How did you know I can juggle flaming bowling pins? But only when I am on a bicycle…still working on the unicycle :)!

  2. When you live in a circus like I do, you have your sources!

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