Naperville Fest Night One

As promised, Edmond Coisson and everyone involved with the Naperville Independent Film Festival have gone out of their way to create an exciting event here in this idyllic suburb of Chicago. This is the kind of place that John Hughes set his films; sprawling lawns leading to huge two and three story homes on quiet streets with a riverside downtown area filled with all the modern conveniences, pubs and restaurants. We arrived mid-afternoon after landing at O’Hare and found our way to the Holiday Inn Select and the Manager’s Welcome hour (free beer and wine!) before heading over to the Ogden 6 where worldfullofnothing screened to an enthusiastic group. We were all very happy with the response and had a good Q&A session.

Unbeknownst to us until we looked in the festival’s program guide, worldfullofnothing has been nominated for three awards here: Best Actress, Angela BozierBest Director and Best Feature. A gala closing dinner and awards program is happening Saturday night at the newly opened Hollywood Palms theater and restaurant, so we shall see if fortune shines on our little film.

No pictures just yet, will try to get some this afternoon and post later, but we have been shooting some video with the Flip. For now, we’re going to head out into the balmy overcast morning and see some sights before returning for the second screening at 5:10. If you’re in the area, come on down: Ogden 6 Theater, Naperville, Il.


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