Naperville Wrap-Up

All I can say is: “I love Naperville!!!” As if it wasn’t enough to have worldfullofnothing accepted to the 2nd annual Naperville Independent Film Festival, flying to Chicago with my parents and Markus, screening the film to some very enthusiastic and interested folks, hanging out in this incredible little town, having Markus (and then the rest of us) recognized by the very cute hostess at the local pizzeria, getting a chance to see Chicago from the top of the Sears Tower, re-connecting with Pat Trapp (whom I last saw in Boise, Idaho about 20 years ago) and finally taking part in the lavish awards ceremony with guests Roger Ebert, Karen Allen and Jim Peterik… as if that wasn’t enough, the folks at the helm of the festival (Edmond, Glessna, Daniel, Gary, Ed and everyone else) bestowed upon me the award for Best Feature Director!


Who knew when we started day one of production in the driveway of my grandmother’s house in Tujunga (circa 2006) that it would come to this! I’ve been asked all sorts of questions while we’ve been here in Naperville: what inspired the film, how did it come together, etc? The truth is, Markus and I saw it as a grand experiment at first, a challenge to ourselves to stop talking about making a film and just doing it (a notion that seemed to be inspirational to an aspiring filmmaker during one of our Q&A sessions). From that initial kick-start, we were blessed time and again by the generous support and excited involvement of our cast (Bella, Angela, Greg, Richard, Alicyn, Andrea, Hannah, Oliver, Sandy, Vincent, Katlynn, Jamie, Wendy, Sean, and my folks) and everyone who helped put the finishing touches on the project (Paul, Andy, Jussi, Jackie, Kevin and Cameron). To all of them/you – Thank you! Our little experiment has grown up and is looking for a nice house in Naperville. I told the audience last night, which included Mayor Pradel, that I really like this town and would love to come back and make a movie here… hint, hint. Time to pack this baby up and head back to LA… someone please turn down the heat before we get home. Thanks.


4 Responses to “Naperville Wrap-Up”

  1. way to go jesse. you should be very proud of yourself. for most of us I would imagine.. not a suprise…. fantastic news.

  2. Fantastic Jesse!!! I’m very happy for you and this is a great accomplishment.

  3. Paul Stanley Says:

    A very well deserved confirmation of your vision. Congratulations Jesse. Onward and upward!


    That’s awesome man! I still don’t know how nobody told me about this! It was a nice surprise to randomly pull up your blog to find that you won the award (first of many right?!)

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