Here is where I will tell you about concerts, operas or other shows I’ve attended recently.

Demi Lovato, July 17, 2009, Nokia Theater (support David Archuleta and KSM) –

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you probably have some knowledge of “Camp Rock”, The Jonas Brothers and the Disney Channel machine. Demi Lovato is involved with all three. None of this should deter you from checking out this 17 year old’s music. She writes her own songs, sings with a voice that almost seems too powerful for her to control at times, is a classically trained pianist and has a 10,000 watt smile. Sure the songs are simple but the hooks and melodies are as strong as any in pop music right now. And talk about energy! Running back and forth, up and down, all over a two-tiered stage with enormous HD screens and in full command of her adoring crowd of constantly screaming and texting fans, Demi Lovato was every bit a rock star, not a rock star in training. From the opening notes of “La La Land” to the double whammy encore of “Don’t Forget” and “Get Back” the momentum rarely slowed, the crowd never waned and the show raised the roof. I will hope for the best for Demi as she transitions from teen to adult performer… but honestly, the only thing standing in the way of that transformation for  her will be public opinion and interest. She’s already there as a performer and writer.

KSM, who opened the evening, are a current take on the Go-Go’s, a rock and roll girl group with solid guitar leads and all the cute looks that go along with it. They did justice to a cover of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me.” David Archuleta, unfortunately, is everything that’s wrong with American Idol, the show that got him out to the world. He’s good looking with a bland voice and mediocre songs. The only exception in his long forty minute set was the radio hit “Apologize,” a solid pop ballad that features some real emotion for a change.

Pics from the show:



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  1. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock. And rocks in Studio City aren’t cheap these days, let me tell you!

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